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EC 8888 - The Bingo Cup


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Re: EC 8888 - The Bingo Cup


1) Blackpool - Ben Warrilow :--)

2) Burton Alb - Shareflair :--)

3) Chelsea - Mike H :--)

4) Dagenham - JMH_Daggers :--)

5) Brighton - Klhepworth :--)

6) Arsenal - Gunzodan :--)

7) Exeter - Scrooll :--)

8) Bournemouth - LennonLegend :--)

9) Darlington - Adam94 :--)

10) Charlton - Noisy2k8 :--)

11) Rotherham - Ryans Tornado :--)

12) Northampton - MaoaM

13) West Ham - RieceM96

Division 1 = 2

Division 2 = 2

Division 3 = 3

Division 4 = 3

Division 5 = 1

Good to see that theres similar amount of Lower league clubs aswell, gives a chance to the smaller sides going further, 5 more people needed :)

looking forward to next years cup! i'm in... Burton Albion

Nice to have you back Shareflair ;)

Congrats on the win Gary! Chelsea will be back in the next competition!

Good to see your coming back into the competition with your new club :)

I'm up for a new cup:)

Glad your joining pal :)

Arsenal would be in

Great to see you joining Gunzodan ;)

Exeter would be in

Good to hear dude :)

Bournemouth will be in.

Great news' date=' added :)

Darlington are in :)

Brilliant ;)

Charlton wish to participate this time.

Brill to see your joining us :)

dagenham will take bristol citys place as their manager quit..

Very glad you told me about Bristol City mate' date=' Glad your in :)

Rotherham are interested :)

Glad your joining us Ryan ;)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

All the 10 Quoted are joining the Competition along with myself, 11 in so far, we just need 5 more which I am sure we will get today, Ive got a bad feeling I will get home today and have about 6 or 7 who have put their name down, but the first 5 to come are joining us :), I will probably beable make the draw tonight (Friday) when others guys come along (Im guessing we will have the 5 more needed by tonight)

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Re: EC 8888 - The Bingo Cup

Disapointed to say it dosent look like we are going beable to run another Bingo Cup :(

13 Is the amount we have got, I VM'd some managers, posted on the main EC888 thread and thirteen seems like the maximum were going get.

I also did a newspaper article in the GW and said I would let none forumers in just to fill up the spaces but I got no messages from any managers showing interest in the competition.

I think the only way we are going to do it is if you can message another manager who hasnt signed up for it whos currently in the Set up, if you do no somebody who isnt signed up i would really appreciate it if you could drop them a VM Or PM, or a message in game.


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