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Bayern Munchen To Be World Best Again

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Bayern Munich Name New Manager In Tittle Hope

Today German power house Bayern Munich have named young English manager Mattuie Beckett as there coach. The young manager who has won eight cups since becoming a manager has signed a five year deal with the German club, and the chairman today has came out saying he will back the new coach on his chose of signings or sales. It is beleaved the new coach has been given thirty million to bild towords a new looking squad and the coach has said he will do all he can to make a impact to the team.


Kaka Giving Up On Spanish Football

Today Real Madrid have given the go ahead to Brazil ace Kaka to have a medical with German power house Bayern Munich, it is beleave the 29 year old is set to sign a contract with the team after a bad run of form with Real Madrid and coach Beckett has said he will do all he can to make Kaka the world best again. Kaka is beleave to be costing thirty million and the coach has said the Brazil ace is worth every penny of the cash. Kaka has said on the Brazil home page he is sorry to all the fans for his down fall in form but he hopes to find it again under a new coach and in German football.


One Of Two Spanish Stars Set To Join Munich

Today Bayern Munich have come to a deal with Barcelona for the sale of Franck Ribery, the French age aged 28 is to cost the Spanish champions winger Pedro and youth Thiago. Bayern manager Mattuie Beckett has said this is a real solid deal for our team, Pedro will fit right in to our first team and Thiago is a class up coming youth. Both stars are having medicals with the German club and press are saying the medical of Ribery has gone well in Spain and the deal should be done soon.

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Re: Bayern Munchen To Be World Best Again



Manager Signs Top Brazil Ace To Germany Power House

Today Brazil ace Ricardo Kaka has signed a four year deal with Bayern Munchen. The 29 year old has said he is real happy to have joined a team with sutch tradition he is happy to have joined a up coming coach and he hopes to make a impact under the new gafa. The Brazil ace will be taking a AM role in the team and coach Beckett has said the 30 million that was payed on the star was well worth every penny. He is a top ace and we need a star he bring somthing we never had and this will bring some fab football to Germany. Fans of the German side have welcomed the move saying this is one if not the best signing we have had in some time, Kaka wow he will be a king for this team.


Spanish Ace Says He Is Here To Win Cups

In a shock signing Spanish winger Rodriguez Pedro has joined Bayern Munchen on a two year deal, the Spanish ace has joined with team mate Alcantara Thiago manager Mattuie Beckett has said the price of Franck Ribery was worth paying and he is happy to welcome the Spanish duo to Germany. Fans of the club seem very happy to welcome some of the best Spain has to offer, there two of the best said one fan and he hopes this we lead us up the league table. Munchen who are around fith fav to win the league will take a lot from these signings and coach Beckett has said he is not in the market for more signings but will if thay will help the squad long term and this season.

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