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Re: rating changes

can any of u guys whos knows alot about changes let me know if any of these players will rise.. thanx

ribery = Just reviewed and stayed 95' date=' I guess he will have to be awsome and Bayern needs to win both Bundesliga and Champions League before he rises... The good news is that he's pretty safe at 95.[/b']

nasri = I can't see any chance for a rise this season now that City is executed from CL. Pretty safe at 93 though.

di maria = Decent chance for 93 in the upcoming review and if he doesn't rise now I guess he will be 93 at the end of the season.

higuain = Won't rise this review but if Real keep up their good form and wins La Liga and goes to at least semi final in CL I can see him rise to 95 at the end of season.

pastore and a.thiago (barcelona) = Pastore has just been reviewed and stayed. If PSG wins League 1 I'm almost certain he will get 91 by the end of this season.

Alcantara will (IMO) rise to 88 in the upcoming review. Can be 89 or 90 by the end of this season, but Barcelona will have to do well in both La Liga and CL for him to get 90.


My opinions in bold above.

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