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Smörgåsbord is here - DIG IN!!!

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A set up where everyone has something to play for!


ID# 67136


4 Nations

Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland.

4 Divisions

Made up of mixed nations.

8 teams per division

22 players on each roster all made up of players from that teams nationality to start.

No team has a cash balance in excess of 5 million pounds.

(still working on this but it will be in place by the start of the season)


Economy - Poor

Player concerns - On

Buying from unmanaged - No

Buying from External - Yes

Rating limit on buying - 84**

Age limit on buying - Any to start

3 up, 3 down, no playoffs.

This means there are only 2 'safe' positions every season. You will either be playing for the championship, promotion, fighting relegation or trying to avoid the sack.

Cash transfer limit - Any to start

Transfer Windows - No

Bottom manager fired from each division.

Fired managers will have the opportunity of rejoining the set up the following season but must switch teams.

Log In - 14 days


35 maximum man squad roster, including all loaners.

22 minimum man squad roster, excluding all loaners.

If you break the maximum rule you will not be allowed to play your highest rated players by the amount of players you

are over until you are back in compliance.

You will be disqualified from competing in the in house competition

if you refuse to comply.

The 22 man minimum limit has been put in place to avoid teams going in red and being unable to sell players to regain a positive cash flow.

*Note - Every season one or more of these rules may change.

At the end of each season you will be required to reveal your teams finances to me so I can make adjustments to the rules and try to keep the gameworld realistic.

i.e., if the majority of teams are struggling financially I may increase the economy level for the upcoming season. Or visa versa.

** The rating limit will increase each season by at least 1 point, possibly 2. The idea is to have 4 divisions that will eventually reflect a real life league with rich, medium and poor clubs.

The Legends Tournament

Smörgåsbord will feature this exciting in house tournament.

Every season there will be a knockout tournament in each nation named after a legend/myth/work of literature

Sweden - Valsgärde - Viking burial ground.

Norway - Heimskringla - a collection of sagas about the Norwegian kings.

Iceland - The Four Landvættir - are now regarded as the protectors of the four quarters of Iceland.

Finland - Aarnivalkea - in Finnish mythology, are spots where an eternal flame associated with Will o' the wisps burns. They are claimed to mark the places where faerie gold is buried.

Google them.

The 4 winners from each nation will be crowned champion of their respective tournament and will move on to represent their country in The Legends Tournament, a mini league consisting of 6 games.

The top team will be crowned Legends champion win a prize, possibly an actual trophy that will be mailed to you.

I'm still looking into it. If the trophy will not work then it will be cash prize.


No playing injured or suspended players. Obviously these games are played through the friendly system so it will be your responsibility to monitor your team and not play these players.

You will be disqualified if you violate any of these rules during the match day. i.e you will be knocked out of the tournament during the knockout stage

and you will lose on the match day during the round robin stage.

Realistically it will be hard to keep a 32 team at full capacity. To combat unmanaged teams not being able to accept/schedule friendlies for the Legends Tournament I will temporarily take over

these clubs on one of my other accounts to set up games and set tactics etc. I will be open to any trusted managers to assist in this. Trading or tampering will not be allowed.

Smörgåsbord unlike some of my other set ups allows for a more flexible managerial skill with less restrictive rules. But I also think it will be a tough place to succeed.

I believe it will become one of the better set ups on SM but need good managers to help make that happen.

I hope you will join and enjoy.


ID# 67136

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Re: Smörgåsbord is coming!

Count me in as I said to you a while ago :)

was thinking you could move the ratings cap

about' date=' up one season down the next etc etc

really random? just an idea lol

but yeah count me in[/quote']

OK mate, got you covered. Yeah, we'll change things around every season one way or another...:)

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Re: Smörgåsbord is coming!

Would like to join this set up as well' date=' if W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S is anything to go by it should be a breeze :D

Would love the challenge :)[/quote']

High on yourself again me lady :)

Of course you can join! Were would I be without your 6 posts a season :D

I'll join if you'll take me!
I'd like to join :) my in game name is robert wenn

Don't know you chaps so you'll be thoroughly checked out but welcome if you're cool :)


Will there be Scandinavian women & beer ?


God I hope so :)

You're joining by the way :)

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