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An Update-Big time!


The current Gateshead squad-Avg rating:84

A selection of lads


Ryan Bennett-Captain-Most capped Gateshead player, over 55. He was bought from Peterborough in the first round of transfers for 1.3million and although his value is now only 900k Cedd hopes that when the Championship is done that will most definitely change. He is, and always will be, Gateshead's rock at the back.


Agalarov, holds the record for the biggest signing (cash wise) at 3.1million, as well as the record for the biggest sell at 6.6million. He made 14 appearances for Gateshead but it could of been more if he had not been injured on his debut for 6 weeks.


Jouffre, Gatesheads most valuable player at the moment, 7.3million. Bought for just 2.8million! He currently is rated 86 and fits into Gateshead's first team very well. He is currently Gatesheads top goalscorer.


Kovacic, arguably the best youth player ever owned by Gateshead, but was sold to spurs to sort out Gatesheads financial troubles. Moreover Kovacic's wages demands were too high and he expressed a want to move club after premier league clubs got interested.


Heskey, Gateshead's highest rated player ever! (excluding loans) He came in a swap deal for Kanunikov, the equivalent to 1million pounds (the price he was originally bought for) Unfourtunatly, fate struck again and like Agalarov he was injured for six weeks on his debut, He's now back from injury and proving himself, with 3 goals and 3 man of the match awards in as many appearances!


Cedd Cook, 70 games+ in charge now. Often considered mental, he is a die hard Gateshead believer and will 'never be tempted to leave'


Gateshead, the good old days, TRUE LADS, forever and ever!

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