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Urgent advice needed on 3 deals

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Re: Urgent advice needed on 3 deals

Im getting modric and bale for benzema.

Im getting Luis Suarez and Hulk for Pedro 93

Im getting Muller for sniejder

what do you think' date=' am i getting the best deal[/quote']

Modric n bale is useful if u need depth.personally i feel modric n bale is too much. Modric will get increased after playing reasonably well to attract immense attention from chelsea. If rumors are to be true,Barca in interested in bale.So if u need a top class striker like benzema,than go for it.I would go for him if i cant get aguero,v.persie or gomez in the gw.

I will wait for sneijder befores deciding.If he stays at inter,sneijder has probably reached his peak.but if he were to move to red devils.he will bes the top class playmaker.

Suarez will get a 92 rating in this season should liverpool forces themselves in a very good position.while hulk has reached his pinnacle with porto. While Pedro faces competition from Sanchez in the short term.But Villa will be the one that will be sold soon to generated the much coveted central defender in the transfer market. So short term equals bad deal,long term good deal in my opinions

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