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World Championship 14702- GOING STRONG


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Wanted to originally organise a Christmas/New Years setup but that was way to soon so decided we will instead make a WC at the end of January when the squads have been updated post January transfer window. This will give us over a month to get as many forumers interested as possible so hope it works out.

Yes there are a few EC's coming around, and EC's seem to be more popular but this different as it as a WC and hopefully it will appeal to people more as something different as I only think there is WC 10 000 and WC11 111 as big WC's so why can't this be a third one?

Also will make this a collaborated effort with Dan_James, who had a similar idea and made a thread for it only a few days after.

So what do people think?

Interested (46/40)

1. KopStar

2. Elohim

3. TomDeakin

4. drink

5. Indgy

6. Fabio Capello 123

7. Will


9. Play

10. Dan_James

11. Kroitzz

12. Indgy

13. Benjamin Warrilow

14. Hazard103

15. kupest


17. evoked87

18. Guardado18

19. RieceM96

20. Magic27

21. AndreYudha

22. Project 9

23. .CFC

24. The Terminator

25. Preppens

26. Froz3n

27. Moodymark

28. AVB

29. Rangers26

30. NapoliFan101

31. racky

32. Pitung Drughi

33. rlobb17

34. cald

35. Nikidinho

36. Kai_79100

37. Adam94

38. jediknight_ak

39. Kyle14

40. zwlim87

41. Nobsy

42. Zash

43. Messilio

44. LegendaryLemon

45. Chandler

46. Bail

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Re: New Forum World Championship

With Christmas and New Years around the corner' date=' I thought we could organise a WC (or maybe EC or Euro or something else depending on demand). Thinking possibly WC13 000 but will see how it goes and decide on exact number closer to the date

So what do people think?



I might be on for this mate ...


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Re: New Forum World Championship

I Will Join if the Mighty Acrington Stanley are in it They are in the World right? :P

Jokes aside.... i will Join but will proberly need a reminder around the date

Haha thought you had read the title wrong for a second.

But ye watch this thread-I'll keep it updated

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