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Re: Mata or Nani

if you've been reading on these forums I feel the majority are Mata obsessed.

However Nani just gone to 93 and will have to get back to CL and continue to play as doing to get to 94

Mata is best player in a Chelsea side undergoing rebuilding (manager changing passing style to fast/old slow players being moved out). There is small danger of them not making CL this year and this seriously affect his rating ie not go up.

I like Mata but he is a risky play in SM (i know he plays for Spain) He will go up but maybe not for 9 months. If chelsea were not rebuiling I would say Mata but Nani is safer as will be back in CL next year.

ATM arsenal manu and man city are better and tottenham/liverpool a danger when suarez comes back.

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Re: Mata or Nani

i couldnt disagree more.

1) Mata is on a team that is willing splash cash to rebuild - Sir Alex always is hesitant (sneijder)

2) AVB is making Mata the center of his new team and rightfully so

3) He is younger

4) Sure changes will be abound at chelsea in the next year but hte players being shipped out (lampard drogba etc) have had little impact this year as it is as AVB seems to want them out or their rolls reduced

5) i am willing to be that he is amond the first 2-3 players on the team sheet every week. He is the only creative spark on that team that avoids direct play IMO

6) Nani is selfish on a team that is just looking to tank the second half of the year as United have a strong first 11 but its starting to show their lack of depth and experience

So,Mata by a landslide

That said i think neither have any trouble getting the CL place this year. City United and Chelsea seem good enough to make it. I question Tottenhams ability to keep up this form (i would like to see them do it however) and we all know Arsenal have a penchant for a dip in form late in the season.

Also, out of Arsenal, Chelsea and United...Chelsea seem the most likely to put it all togehter to me and make a more run of results after some January window tinkering...Cahill and RB (i read Azpilicueta) could go a long way to aiding their defense

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Re: Mata or Nani

Hazard is still better then whole world :).

Hazard>Di Maria.


Not going to this debate again, but my opinion still stays the same. Anyway, you love Hazard, so there's actually no point debating as you think he's better than the whole world :o

On Mata and Nani - both are just as good as each other IMO.. But If I had to choose, I would go for Nani.

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Re: Mata or Nani

Hmm, tricky one. Both very talented players. Both fairly young and very important for their teams. I think i prefer Mata. Nani is rated higher at the moment but i think both will be similarly rated and have the same ceiling for ratings, Mata is more versatile on SM so i would go for him. Can't go wrong with either though.

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