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Eduardo VARGAS


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Respuesta: Eduardo VARGAS

will Eduardo VARGAS rise for the chile review since he has move to napoli.......

please advise.

yes of course' date=' i saw at the past some players who move to other leagues and then rise when the ratting change past for their last teams(diferent country)

i'm going to give u some information about vargas since his last move rating (25sep-2010)


-then he played 390min at his domestic league and didn't score


-he played 2839min at his domestic league and 17 goals

-Copa Sudamericana:1063min and 11 goals(plus 76min & no goals at the play offs,4-09-2011)

-Copa Chile:114min and 1 goal

-[b']National team[/b]:-wc qualifying south america:270 min and 1 goal

-friendlys: 86 min & 1 goal (he made this great goal at chile vs spain with casillas like goalkeaper)

so finally, since his last review: he played 4.762min and scored 31 goals. :eek:

i'd say that he can rise to 87(minimun) or 88(if sm rate his move like a big team)

italian league have other rating change at march and other at the end of this season(june at soccer), if he continues score , he could be a 89/90(march +1/2 and june other +1/2)

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Re: Eduardo VARGAS

Thanks man' date=' made my decision to join the bidding war for him alot easier.[/quote']
I'm glad I snapped him up a few months back' date=' my bank balance would not have survived a bidding war. Here's to premature purchasing :)[/quote']

No problem. Yup, i snapped him up a while ago when ImScouting did a piece on him and linked him with Chelsea.

48 games, 28 goals, 15 assists.

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Re: Eduardo VARGAS

I think he will get a +2 myself and I do think they will do it in these ratings changes,players that move just before the ratings changes are about 80/20% chance of rising with that couple getting missed out but If the reviewers of Chile are serious they cannot not give him the rise with the ratings changes considering the form of the player and the team this season[universidad De Chile].

With Vargas gone to Napoli you could do a lot worse than snapping up Fransico Castro who scored 8 in 26 for them last season and will get a +2 rise as well and has the chance to play more with Vargas gone and earn himself a big money move maybe next season.

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