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The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread


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Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread

Marcos Lopes made his debut for Lille today after coming off the bench in the 67th minute. Do you think he will become a starter and rise while on loan?

It's tough to say, it's not easy for a youngster to arrive at Lille (one of the best French clubs, nowadays) and claim a starter spot.

Marcos is very talented though. I also don't know why Lille would want to bring him on loan, if they had no intention of using him. :confused:

I believe Marcos will get decent game time and will rise this season, at Lille.

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Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread

3 players catching the eye in Ligue 1 with 3 nice backstories....

(forgive the translation)

Yacine Bammou Christopher Maboulou, Ngolo Kante. Three names, three atypical paths, three of the first revelations of Ligue 1 Three players that we take care to present.

Yacine Bammou, shop at the Parc des Princes Beaujoire.

The beautiful story, which should make the media rounds on Sunday morning is that of Yacine Bammou. Former salesman at the store PSG at the Parc des Princes, the young striker 22 scored the only goal of the match between FC Nantes in RC Lens. A goal scored just 30 seconds after coming on to the Beaujoire.

Spotted in Evry, where he piled CFA 2 goals on the weekend, he sold jerseys PSG in the week. He even tried to sell to Leonardo, sporting director of the Parisian club at the time, as he told the Parisien . " Leonardo greeted me in the morning, arriving at the park. One day, I even offered him my services, but he replied, laughing: "You play football, you? '"

Recruited by FC Nantes in 2013 and lent to Luzon Yacine Bammou could explode this season and Zlatan cross on the lawn of Ligue 1: " Last year, I sometimes croisais Ibrahimovic and the other in the halls of the Parc des Princes. They will hallucinate if they see me on the field. "

Christopher Maboulou, the pariah to hero

Who scored the hand against Caen on March 30 when he was still evolving in Ligue 2 in the colors of Chateauroux, Christopher Maboulou was pointed. Treated as an outcast.

If the reaction of the Norman supporters could be heard, the reporters, was particularly edifying. Some wish to suspend until the end of the season, others for life.

Finally, after an apology Maboulou will be suspended for three games and finish the season with 9 goals in 3 assists.

Recruited by Sporting Club de Bastia after initial relegation Châteauroux National (finally held in Ligue 2), Christopher Maboulou volunteered twice against Olympique de Marseille for his first Ligue 1.

Revenge for the fate for the young native of Montfermeil where he played in PH. Recruited by Châteauroux, he had a heart defect was diagnosed in July 2011 after a heart attack. Unfit to practice high level football, Maboulou was removed from the lawns of the professional world for two years before returning to action in the League 2 last season after improving his health.

Ngolo Kante, Little Big Man

Last unusual destiny, that of Ngolo Kante. The small mid field runner SM Caen striker against Evian, and revelation of Ligue 2 last season to be the only Norman nominated in the regular team of Ligue 2

Born in Paris 23 years ago, is also a player Kante passed through the cracks (see above). Passed through the youth teams of Suresnes where he was a more attacking role, he was still evolving in PH when he was almost 20 years before joining Boulogne sur Mer in 2010 Playing primarily with the reserve team in CFA 2 it will have to wait for the relegation of the club northerner to be launched into the deep end.

Small size with a big engine, Ngolo Kante will be one of the revelations of National with Boulogne. Rebelotte last year in Ligue 2 after its transfer to SM Caen. Player "box-to-box", the tireless midfielder Franco-Malian followed by big clubs, including English, for several months.

credit to www.espoirsdufootball.com

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Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread


Reims poor though so far' date=' so a rise is non existant[/quote']

He's been great though - im more talking about the whole of last season and getting a WC call up and impressing even more!

If Krychnozizkkkwkak was an 87, he should be too.. make it happen Jiggler. :)

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Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread

Anyone follows bordeaux? Can Diego Rolan become the next big uruguaian striker (big as in cavani/suarez)?

Well as long as nobody answers I might try, although I don't follow Bordeaux. I think Rolan is having a great season so far but he's not super impressive as yet.

Due to the limit of choices that Uruguay has at front after Cavani,Suarez (& Abel maybe), it might be easy for Rolan to hop in and be at least a decent back-up choice (which he actually is right now).

For now a +1/+2 rise could be on the cards but he will have to keep it on top, if we wanna talk about a big talent.He's still young though, only time can tell.

I'm a fan of him eitherway B)

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Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread

I see Boucher is now No.1 at Toulouse so a rise from 85 should be likely?

considering he is keeping out Ahamada who is a 88 rated Gk.

With the current SM rating system, he should get an +1 in the next review, and if he remains first choice, he may get an 88 rating in 2-3 years :P

Cillessen has been first choice for club and country for over a year now, and finished 3rd place in WC, yet is rated at 87. It now takes years for SM to rise players :(

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Re: Riferimento: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread

Next reviews:

  • Kurzawa 86> 88 at the end of the season (87 in the next review)
  • Anthony Martial 82> 84 83
  • Hassen 78> 82 yes (84 at the end of the season - he's 77 right now btw)
  • Bahlouli 78> stay yes
  • Origi 85> 87 86 (87 at the end of the season)


My opinion is in red' date=' mate.[/color']

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