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The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread


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Dembele could be in for a 92 considering Costil got to 89 yes he has played good-ish but they have conceded as much goals or near enough as much as as the teams just outside relagation.

Haha I've watched so much of Rennes cos of Dembele and Costil is so bad, genuinely stunned he got a +1

So when does the panic set in about Ousmane not getting a rise at all

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I think so far the French review seems quite on point.

Happy with the rises for Cardinale and Dembele today.


I am however a little bit surprised that they started the review just days before the league ended.

Even tho the champions was crowned weeks ago already, there are still quite a lot of teams who have a lot to gain or lose.

Personally I think securing a CL spot or missing out on any European football next year for example should be a part of the review.

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French review has been good so far, pleasantly surprised by the Ben Arfa rise, well deserved. 


Predictions for tomorrow:



Subasic +1 to 89

Coentrao -1 to 90

Fabinho +1 to 89

Raggi +1 to 88

Wallace +3 to 86

Lemar +2 to 86

Costa +2 to 84

Mbappe +2 to 77 for the hype?

Bakoyoko +1 to 86




Lopes +1 to 90

Umtiti +1 to 89

Tolisso +1 to 88

Valbuena -1 to 90

Lacazette +1 to 92??

Morel +1 to 88

Ghezzal +3 to 87

Cornet +4 to 84

Grenier -1 to 88

Kone -1 to 86

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